House plants are a cheerful and lively addition to your decor and come with many valuable benefits. Not only do they improve the quality of indoor air, but they can add a pop of color to any space. 

Have you been thinking of adding house plants to your home but wondering where to start? Or maybe you are not exactly known for your green thumb but would like to bring some life into your space. We’ve got you covered with our easy house plant care tips that even beginner plant parents can handle!

Water Your Plants

This one might sound a bit easier than it is. House plants can have different water requirements depending on how they grow. But you might be surprised to hear that overwatering is a prevalent cause of house plant death. A succulent or cactus needs far less water than a hanging plant or an orchid. So rather than watering by a strict calendar routine, try touching the soil. If the top ½ inch to inch is dry, it is time to water! Remember, it is better to err on the side of too little rather than too much water. 

Fertilize Your Plants

This rule of thumb is similar to watering your plants. It is better to under-fertilize than over-fertilize! Over-fertilizing can burn your plant’s roots and stunt their growth. Most plants will have a growth spurt from spring into summer, which is an excellent time to fertilize. Read the labels to learn how much fertilizer to use with your plants.

Repot Plants When They are Overgrown

Do you know what it feels like to stuff yourself into a sweater that is too tight? That is how your plants feel when they outgrow their pots! The root systems will tell you when it is time for a bigger pot by circling the inside of the container. Spring and summer are ideal for repotting your house plants.

Watch for Dust and Disease

Dust will collect on your house plant’s leaves, so give them a gentle shower in the sink or clean them with a soft brush or rag. Regular dusting will help your plant look healthier and allow it to soak up more light. If you notice that a leaf or stem is looking diseased, make sure to remove it right away, so it does not spread to the rest of the plant. In addition, insects can cause disease, so consider using insecticidal soap to keep the insect population away.

Prune Your Plants

Keep your houseplants from looking too large by cutting them back. Using pruning scissors, cut just above the buds on the stem to allow for new growth to begin. Additionally, pull off dead leaves and stems to allow the plant to concentrate on growing fresh leaves. 

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