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How to Enjoy your Garden During the Winter

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 1:17 PM trees, landscaping, Plants-A-Plenty, Planting, Plants For Sale, Plants Near Me


While the cold weather months are not necessarily plant enthusiasts’ favorite time of year, your garden can still be a haven for you during the winter. Your excitement for the cold weather might be low, but even when your favorite plants are dormant, there are some ways that you can satisfy your itch for spending time in the garden during the winter.

Attract Wildlife 

With a little effort, your garden can be a great source of entertainment for you in the winter and promote life for many furry and feathered friends. So take some time to decorate your garden landscape with feeders and suet for the birds and dried corncobs for squirrels and chipmunks.

Enjoy the Evergreens 

Incorporating evergreens such as topiary, shrubs, and box balls will create a year-round structure in your garden and leave you some greenery to enjoy when the leaves fall. In addition, the evergreens in your landscape will shine in the winter when other plants go dormant.

Try Container Gardening 

Sure, the hard ground makes planting nearly impossible. But winter is a great time to try container gardening if you are itching to get your fingers in the dirt. Try putting beautiful planters together with houseplants or even herbs you can enjoy in the kitchen.

Do Some Pruning 

Winter is actually the time to do some pruning in your garden. So satisfy your green thumb and get some of the heavy lifting out of the way by getting out there and pruning your fruit trees, vines, ornamental trees, and deciduous shrubs.

Add Extra Outdoor Decorations 

One thing that makes your garden feel dull and drab in the winter is the lack of color. Counter the boring look of dry sticks and dormant plants by adding colorful decorations such as wreaths, lanterns, and other lawn ornaments to your garden landscape.

Start Planning 

There is nothing more exciting as a gardener than making plans for when the buds start to poke through in spring. Use the winter months to evaluate your goals and objectives for the growing season. Plan any changes or improvements you want to make to your garden spaces and order seeds and summer bulbs. Creating a solid plan will allow you to hit the ground running when the spring season is here!

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