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How to Use Rocks to Accent Your Garden

Wednesday, July 5, 2023 1:37 PM

Rock Accent Steps in Garden

As you head outside to curate your garden this season, you want to make it the best year ever. After a long dormancy through the winter, it is so rewarding to watch the plants bloom. So as the colors begin to pop, many gardeners plan to improve their space with accents. One popular trend is adding rocks to accent your garden.

Rocks are a popular addition to your landscape because natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available. Landscape rocks add texture and contrast while providing durable ground cover requiring little maintenance. Here are some ways to add rocks to improve your landscape.

Ditch the Mulch

Mulch is used as a filler around trees, flower beds, and gardens in many gardens. Skip mulch maintenance and use rocks as a filler in your garden. It will add an appealing contrast to your plant’s color and texture and last for years.

Create a Walkway 

Use rock to signify a path through or around your garden. Rocks can create appealing natural boundaries in your garden space. For example, use flat stones to show visitors how to walk among your plants or taller rocks to border the garden.

Visual Appeal

Well-placed rocks can perfectly anchor your outdoor space. Large stones offer a stunning texture to your garden. Create a centerpiece in your garden beds with large boulders to give a dramatic visual accent. Stacked rocks or accent lighting can create even more visual appeal.

Add Water 

If your space is especially large, introduce a water accent to your garden. From large pools to freestanding waterfalls, rocks can create a distinctive feature around water elements. You will love the look and the sound of water flowing past stones in your garden.

Build a Fire Pit 

Rocks can be used to create a rustic firepit for a breathtaking look in your outdoor space. Many people choose lava rocks to make their fire pit, but there are many excellent options depending on your budget and taste.

Create a Rock Wall 

Rock walls are another appealing and functional way to use rocks in your garden. They work exceptionally well when the terrain in your garden is not entirely level. Use large rocks or bricks to create interest in a slope and increase your planting space.

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