If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think about your landscaping once or twice a year — when you’re mowing the lawn or planting flowers. But landscaping is an integral part of your home, and it’s worth thinking about more often. You can create a stunning yard without breaking the bank or spending hours on weekend DIY projects. From choosing plants that fit your climate to budget-friendly ideas for adding curb appeal to your home, read on for some helpful ideas for transforming your outdoor space.

Add layers

A flower garden is a beautiful and delicate living artwork. To create the most formal of all outdoor spaces, one must first layer their floral borders in three evenly spaced rows. First, line the back row with tall plants facing north (preferable). The second, or middle row, contains the next tallest flowers or veggies; this provides unity among different heights throughout your space while also providing variety. The third row, or front line, consists of only the shortest blooms/veggies; these are best suited for close-up views because they’re not clunky as some taller plant species can be when viewed at large distances.


Don’t just think of your landscape as plants and flowers. Include hardscapes, too! Evergreens are extra special in winter when they provide much-needed shade to make the most out of cold weather – but also remember that fences can be used for design statements around the property because they frame it so nicely.

Water features

Water features are not only visually appealing but emit soothing sounds. Using preformed rigid plastic liners, durable pumps, and flexible tubing, they’re also a lot easier to install than you think! Once you get the hang of it, your landscaping design will be complete with this trend.

Match your flowers

If you want to have a beautiful garden, it’s important that the flowers in your yard match what kind of soil and light requirements there are. The best way is by carefully selecting which types will work well with both conditions before making any purchases.

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