Few things in life bring the simple joys our pets, and our houseplants bring to each of our days. Many people enjoy both treasures as a welcome bright spot in their lives. But unfortunately, there are many plants that are not safe for our animals.

We all know that adding greenery to your home can clean your air, improve your mood, and add to the aesthetics of your space. But, on the flip side, even the best-behaved animal can have a moment where they have the opportunity to consume a part of a houseplant. So how can we ensure our gorgeous houseplants do not harm our pets?

First, it is essential to be aware of signs that your pet has consumed something that is toxic to them. You might notice that mangled houseplant first, but the animal will also present specific symptoms. When ingested, the toxins from certain plants will cause seizures, tremors, diarrhea, or vomiting. 

Second, consider the placement of your houseplants if you have a pet. They might be best on higher shelves or surfaces your animal (or their tail!) cannot reach.

Third, consult with a local expert to find non-toxic plants safe for your cats and dogs. Here are ten of our favorite non-toxic house plants.

  1.  Spider Plants- These are easy to grow indoors and look fabulous hanging from a hook in the ceiling.
  2. Parlor Palms- Place these on a side table or nightstand that doesn’t get too much sunlight. These can grow slowly to three to four feet tall.
  3. Succulents- Most succulents are non-toxic and really easy to care for, leaving you plenty of time for pet care, too!
  4. African Violet- These plants look beautiful in kitchens and produce lovely purple flowers when kept in indirect sunlight.
  5. Venus Flytrap- This fun houseplant will entertain you as much as your pet will as it feeds itself with flies. (Don’t worry! They only need 1-2 insects a month to sustain themselves.)
  6. Boston Fern- A lovely, low-maintenance plant that loves lots of humidity and indirect light.
  7. Orchid- Orchids add an elegant pop of color to your space. They typically last about four months in indirect light.
  8. Bromeliad- Brighten up a room with a bromeliad, which has blooms that can last several months.
  9. Herbs- If you love to cook in addition to spending time with your pets and your plants, growing herbs is a safe option for your pets and a welcome addition to your cooking.
  10. Ponytail Palms- A plant for those who believe they do not have a green thumb! They require minimal watering and are only fertilized twice a year.

Plants A Plenty has a variety of house plants that are safe for your animals. They can help you choose and care for houseplants that are non-toxic, fit your lifestyle and taste. Plants A Plenty is always stocked with options to suit your style, from seasonal pots and hanging pots to orchids and succulents.

So brighten up your living space, bring in the outdoor garden, and cheer up people on your gift list with a house plant from our collection. Stop in today at 622 E. Cambridge Avenue in North Enid or call us at 580.237.1394.