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The Science Behind House Plants: How They Improve Indoor Air Quality

The Science Behind House Plants

The lush green foliage of indoor plants brings not only a touch of nature into our living spaces but also a myriad of health benefits for those who welcome them into their homes. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with technology and urban environments, the need for a connection to nature has never been more vital.

Low-Maintenance House Plants for Busy People

Low Maintenance House Plants for Busy People

For many, the idea of nurturing houseplants can feel like a daunting task that is just another thing to check off on the to-do list. If you have always wanted to have some stunning indoor plants, but your hectic schedule leaves you with minimal time for plant care, there are some great options! We have curated a list of low-maintenance houseplants to create a greener, more vibrant living space without adding to your daily stress.

How to Use Rocks to Accent Your Garden

Rock Accent Steps in Garden

As you head outside to curate your garden this season, you want to make it the best year ever. After a long dormancy through the winter, it is so rewarding to watch the plants bloom.

Tree Selection FAQs


Trees are a stunning part of our home landscape. While they offer many benefits to the air, and much-needed shade in the summertime, properly caring for your trees can be tricky.

Plants and Pet Safety


Few things in life bring the simple joys our pets, and our houseplants bring to each of our days. Many people enjoy both treasures as a welcome bright spot in their lives. But unfortunately, there are many plants that are not safe for our animals.

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House Plants for Beginners

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